How to be a good friend

Moments to remember to be and be a good friend.

Be open to connecting with a new person.Remember that every person you meet is a different story, and it is no easier or less interesting than your own. Don’t be too superficial in your judgments about others. There is something wonderful and unique in every person.

Be able to listen and hear.In most cases, when a friend asks you to discuss his problems, he does not need your advice, but your ability to listen. Do not rush to judge, criticize and advise, just let your loved one speak out. This may be the only thing they need from you right now.


Give what you want in return.Don’t expect from your friends what you’re not prepared to give. Every relationship is built on reciprocity. Do you want love? Love. Want loyalty? Be faithful. Want respect? Respect.

Support the people closest to you.Even the most insignificant praise from your lips, which would be a small thing to you, can mean a lot to the person to whom it is said at the right moment. The support of a loved one is an incredibly valuable resource.


Don’t be a perfectionist.The unique combination of everything in a person is valued. Learn to love your friends for who they are. After all, this is a part of their character without which they would probably be very different.

Learn to let people go.As sad as it is, it happens that people’s relationships last as long as they need something from each other: emotions, impressions, support. And at some point, the relationship can end. You have to learn to put up with it and know how to let people go. Remember, if communication with someone comes to an end, it doesn’t mean that someone did something wrong, just that their involvement in the story of your life has come to an end.


Pay more attention to quality than quantity.Answer the question for yourself – which of your friends is truly close to you. In any case, have to prioritize. You can not be a good friend for a million people, but you can be irreplaceable person for a few people. It remains to decide who these few people are.

Do not forget about the relationship with yourself.One of the most important and confusing relationships in every person’s life is the relationship with yourself. No matter how much you love the people closest to you, that love should not be stronger than your love for yourself. Support, value and respect yourself, only then can you be a good friend to the other person as well.